UVC: Signed the contract? What can and should you do.

UVC: Signed the contract? What can and should you do.

You have gone thru all the steps and have signed the contract. Most contract signing sessions are quick because most likely you have been there for hours and are tired. The least thing you want to do is stay there for any longer and they know it. So they will prey on that situation and will not go over everything you need to know. Most important things are in fine print or hidden in huge paragraphs of the contracts that will take you hours to read. Because you don’t have the time to read it all, you trust on the them to tell you the most important things of the contract. Well they will tell you the things they want you to hear. You will be shocked when you have time to read.

TIP: You are there to enjoy your vacation and the last thing you want to do is fully read a contract with so many pages that would take you hours. Once you make it back to the hotel, find the email address that is given to you at the contract and send an email to it right away. Basically on the email state, clearly, that you want to cancel the contract because there are discrepancies that you did not agree with. Most contracts have a 5 days cancellation period, which is not told to you. So when you vacation is over and you are able to review the contract if you still want to cancel it, you can make reference to the email you sent on day one. If you decide that it works for you, then that is fine and if you can just call and say you actually want to keep the membership. But, at least, you will be protected.

I made the mistake to assume that I had at least 15 days to review the contract and cancel if I had to. I called 10 days after I signed the contract without using a single benefit and they simply refused to cancel it. That to me shows the kind of business they are running: Getting you to sign the contract, not letting you know you have 5 days and hoping you are back from vacation after the grace period expires.

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